What are the informational pathways that shape people’s use of cannabidiol for medical purposes? - Journal of Cannabis Research

Zenone, Marco A., Faculty Of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Snyder, Crooks, Valorie A., Department Of Geography, University Dr

In the most prevalent proposed use, cancer, CBD was proposed for curative or primary treatment (n=57), pain/symptom relief from cancer and cancer treatment (n=24), enhancing conventional treatment (n=11), and unspecified uses in 4 campaigns. Campaigns describing this informational pathway were additionally characterized by those who came to CBD from a hope or desire to treat their disease or condition using natural or alternative options. For example: ‘A new neurologist along with another one of her doctors has recommended that we start [recipient] on CBD oil. For example: ‘[Rachel]’s family research alternative methods to try to control her seizures and asked the doctor about CBD. CBD recommendations came from a person in the immediate social network of the person or their caregiver, including family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

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