Reasons for cannabidiol use: a cross-sectional study of CBD users, focusing on self-perceived stress, anxiety, and sleep problems - Journal of Cannabis Research

Moltke, Clinic Horsted, Chronic Pain Clinic, Copenhagen, Hindocha, Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, Department Of Clinical, Educational, Health Psychology, University College London

This study found that the patients had an increase in overall quality of life, including improved sleep and decreased self-perceived anxiety levels and reduced pain scores. Most people were using less than 100 mg (72.9%) per day. CBD and self-perceived stress 37.5% of respondents reported using CBD for perceived stress, with 92.2% reporting reduced stress levels, making it the third-highest ranking reason for CBD use amongst our sample. CBD and self-perceived anxiety Self-perceived anxiety was the top-ranked reason for the use of CBD with 42.6% reporting they take CBD for this reason. A recent controlled study of 300 mg CBD found no effect on any sleep indices (Linares et al. 2018), whilst observational and cross-sectional studies showed improvement in sleep outcomes (Corroon and Phillips 2018; Gulbransen et al. 2020).

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