Optimisation of the Green Process of Industrial Hemp—Preparation and Its Extract Characterisation

Žitek, Kotnik, Makoter, Postružnik, Knez, Knez Marevci, Taja Žitek, Petra Kotnik, Teo Makoter, Vesna Postružnik

The hemp plant consists of the woody part (44% of the plant weight), fibres (24%), seeds (11%) and other components such as flowers, leaves and dust (21%) [ 1 3 ]. Since each part of the hemp has its own potential for a certain product, the main thing in planning is the pretreatment of the material (for example, the screening method), which separates plant parts. Certain known forms of leaves also constitute a part of the plant and are located above the cola from which the flower emerges [ 4 ]. Nonacidic forms of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, etc.) The extraction of raw material results in the acidic form of cannabinoid compounds and decarboxylation is required to obtain nonacidic forms [ 22 ].

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