Impact of Harvest Time and Pruning Technique on Total CBD Concentration and Yield of Medicinal Cannabis

Crispim Massuela, Hartung, Munz, Erpenbach, Graeff-Hönninger, Danilo Crispim Massuela, Jens Hartung, Sebastian Munz, Federico Erpenbach, Simone Graeff-Hönninger

In both references, topping generated a higher number of side shoots, thus more top terminal inflorescence biomass than the control plants (not pruned). The significantly higher biomass of inflorescences and leaves from T plants ( Table 2 ) did not result in significantly higher total CBD yield ( Table 3 ). For the total CBD concentration, the inflorescence position showed significant differences for the top fraction (9.9%), which was significantly higher than mid (8.2%) and low (7.4%) fractions ( Table 5 ). In our study, the observed significantly higher total CBD concentrations in the top fractions are not confirmed for total CBD yield, mainly due to a higher biomass of inflorescences in the mid-fraction. Management intensity may be reduced with unpruned plants; however, cultivators need to keep in mind the accumulation of inflorescences in the lower fractions, which contain lower levels of total CBD concentration and yield.

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