Impact of Cannabinoid Compounds on Skin Cancer

Ramer, Wendt, Wittig, Schäfer, Boeckmann, Emmert, Hinz, Robert Ramer, Franziska Wendt, Felix Wittig

Other efforts to study the effect of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system on cancer progression have included analyses of cannabinoid receptor expression levels in cancer tissue and their association with malignancy and survival in patients with squamous cell carcinoma. It was later shown that cannabinoids in squamous cell carcinomas lead to the death of the cancer cells not only through their effect on the cannabinoid receptors, but also through other mechanisms of action. Clinical Trials on Cannabinoid Use in Cancer Patients The data currently available on the systemic effects of cannabinoids on carcinogenesis in cancer patients, and thus their benefits, are very limited. However, the systemic effects on skin cancer were not investigated in this study. On the other hand, cannabis users showed a less favourable prognosis in terms of time to tumour progression and overall survival than patients who did not use cannabis [ 138 ].

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