Considerations for Cannabinoids in Perioperative Care by Anesthesiologists

Laudanski, Wain, Krzysztof Laudanski, Justin Wain

19,35,78,83,200,14,87,107,117,156,167,169,26,44,46,71,72, A formidable challenge is gauging the intake of cannabinoids, as the dosages and potency of different cannabinoid preparations vary in strength and composition [ 18 37 ]. 338,337,340,341,286,49,89, An individual may present in five potential states related to cannabinoid use: acute intoxication, chronic/habitual intake, withdrawal from cannabinoids substances, positive urine toxicology screen, or taking FDA-approved medication. Finally, exposure to cannabinoids may occur in an insidious/second-hand way, impacting the ability to consent [ 66 346 ]. Overall, the effect of cannabinoids on the cardiovascular system is hypotension combined with tachycardia. Of note, increased risk of a coronary event is prolonged and occurs after even a single intake of cannabinoid compounds [ 204 ].

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