CBD-enriched cannabis for autism spectrum disorder: an experience of a single center in Turkey and reviews of the literature - Journal of Cannabis Research

Bilge, Department Of Pediatric Neurology, Çukurova Medical School, Balcalı, Ekici, Pediatric Neurology Clinics, Istanbul, Serap Bilge, Barış Ekici, You Can Also Search For This Author In

The main improvements of the treatment were as follows: a decrease in behavioral problems was reported in 10 patients (32.2%), an increase in expressive language was reported in 7 patients (22.5%), improved cognition was reported in 4 patients (12.9%), an increase in social interaction was reported in 3 patients (9.6%), and a decrease in stereotypes was reported in 1 patient (3.2%). Restlessness was the only reported side effect in 7 (22%) out of 31 patients who continued treatment for at least three months, and the CBD-enriched cannabis dose was reduced in these patients. Aran et al. (2019) were the first to retrospectively assess CBD-enriched cannabis effects on 60 children with ASD and severe behavioral problems using an open-label cohort study. Significant improvement was reported in 48.7% of patients, moderate improvement was reported in 31.1% of patients, and no change was reported in 14.3% of patients. These patients were on cannabis treatment.

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