Cannabis Inflorescence Yield and Cannabinoid Concentration Are Not Increased With Exposure to Short-Wavelength Ultraviolet-B Radiation

Rodriguez-Morrison, School Of Environmental Sciences, University Of Guelph, Llewellyn, Zheng, Donald L. Smith, Juan L. Valenzuela, Gianpaolo Grassi

The effects of UV-PFD (μmol⋅m–2⋅s–1) applied during the flowering stage on aboveground tissue moisture content (%), stem dry weight (DW; g⋅m–2), and cannabinoid and terpene concentrations [mg⋅g–1 (DW) ] in the mature, air-dried apical inflorescence tissues of Cannabis sativa ‘Low Tide’ and ‘Breaking Wave.’ Responses of Inflorescence Yield, Apparent Quality, Cannabinoid and Terpene Concentrations to UV The most discernable UV exposure effects on inflorescences were differences in the size of the apical inflorescences (Figure 10). Plant. Plant. Cannabis Cannabinoids 1, 19–27. Plant.

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