Cannabinoids—Characteristics and Potential for Use in Food Production

Kanabus, Bryła, Roszko, Modrzewska, Pierzgalski, Joanna Kanabus, Marcin Bryła, Marek Roszko, Marta Modrzewska, Adam Pierzgalski

With hemp balm, the content of CBDA amounted to 44.7–80.4 mg/g of the product, CBD amounted to 7.6–13.8 mg/g, while CBGA and CBG were present in considerably lower concentrations, 2.0–3.9 mg/g and 0.4 mg/g, respectively. The dominant cannabinoids in hemp seed oils were CBDA and CBD, while Δ9-THC and Δ9-THCA were present in small amounts. Of the 30 food samples containing cannabinoids, CBD was detected in 15 samples in amounts ranging from 70 to 31.31 mg/kg. The Δ9-THC content in 12 food products was 0.08–98.62 mg/kg. CBD was not detected in the seeds, whereas a high concentration was detected in the liqueur.

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