Cannabidiol oxidation product HU-331 is a potential anticancer cannabinoid-quinone: a narrative review - Journal of Cannabis Research

Trac, Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lipscomb University College Of Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Nashville, Keck, J. Myles, Deweese, Joseph E., Department Of Biochemistry

A follow-up study demonstrated that this mechanism of HU-331 also works against the other human isoform of topoisomerase II, TOP2B (Wilson et al. 2018). These results indicate that HU-331 has an effect on proliferation of vascular cells and may help decrease the ability of tumors to recruit new blood vessels. Results indicated that a combination of cisplatin and HU-331 was effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth. Table 2 Results from animal model-based experiments with HU-331 Full size table HU-331 was also tested for inhibition of tumor angiogenesis in nude mice that were injected with HT-29 cancer cells (Kogan et al. 2006). Further, HU-331-treated nude mice with HT-29 colon cancer xenografts demonstrated a reduction in tumor area and weight compared to control.

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