Bridging Disciplines: Applications of Forensic Science and Industrial Hemp

Finley, Sheree J., Department Of Physical Sciences, Forensic Science Programs, Alabama State University, United States, Javan, Gulnaz T., Green, Robert L.

Hemp Diseases Hemp diseases are primarily caused by fungi and rarely by bacteria and viruses (Table 1; McPartland, 1997; Kusari et al., 2013; Giladi et al., 2020; Jerushalmi et al., 2020; Chiginsky et al., 2021; Punja, 2021). As it relates to industrial hemp, analytical methods have primarily been used for forensic differentiation between illegal drug-type Cannabis and legal products (i.e., industrial fibers and CBD-rich/THC-poor materials; Hayley et al., 2018). Hemp 9, 15–36. Flower and foliage-infecting pathogens of marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) plants. Google Scholar Small, E. (2015).

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