Antimicrobial and Antiviral (SARS-CoV-2) Potential of Cannabinoids and Cannabis sativa: A Comprehensive Review

Mahmud, Md Sultan, Hossain, Mohammad Sorowar, Ahmed, A. T. M. Faiz, Islam, Md Zahidul, Sarker, Md Emdad

Plasmids contain genes to express resistance to antibiotics. When a biofilm forms, bacterial cells acquire 10–1000 times more resistance to antibiotics [ 46 ]. The oral administration of THC and CBD in humans showed a significant reduction of TNF-α [ 186 ]. Extraction of active compounds from fibers reduces their antimicrobial activity, and the reduction depends on extraction time [ 209 ]. Hemp seed extract has potential as an antibacterial agent in food plants to fight MRSA biofilms because it can inhibit virulent biofilms at low concentration [ 101 ].

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