Anti-Inflammatory and Pro-Autophagy Effects of the Cannabinoid Receptor CB2R: Possibility of Modulation in Type 1 Diabetes

Liu, Laboratory Of Clinical Investigation, National Institute On Aging, Nih, United States, Aseer, Kanikkai Raja, Yao, Zhong, Ben May Department For Cancer Research

We found that the CB2Ra transcript levels are about 8-fold higher than that of CB2Rb in human islets (Figure 2B), indicating that the upstream promoter is more active in cell types outside of immune system (Zhang et al., 2017b). CB1R might regulate MHC-I in β-cells and CB2R regulate MHC-II in immune cells since CB1R and not CB2R is found in β-cells (Benner et al., 2014). Intracellular Cannabinoid Type 1 (CB1) Receptors Are Activated by Anandamide. Species Differences in Cannabinoid Receptor 2 (CNR2 Gene): Identification of Novel Human and Rodent CB2 Isoforms, Differential Tissue Expression and Regulation by Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands. The CB2 Receptor and its Role as a Regulator of Inflammation.

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