Analysis of Morphological Traits, Cannabinoid Profiles, THCAS Gene Sequences, and Photosynthesis in Wide and Narrow Leaflet High-Cannabidiol Breeding Populations of Medical Cannabis

Murovec, Department Of Agronomy, Biotechnical Faculty, University Of Ljubljana, Eržen, Jan Jurij, Flajšman, Vodnik, Derek Stewart, Robert D. Hancock

The measurements were done on five plants per breeding population (N = 5). Photosynthetic Parameters Most photosynthetic parameters differed significantly between breeding populations, while they were not dependent on chemotype (Table 4). Plants 17, 297–303. Cannabinoid content in industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) varieties grown in Slovenia. “Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica versus ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’,” in Cannabis sativa L.-Botany and Biotechnology, eds S. Chandra, H. Lata, and M. A. ElSohly (Cham: Springer), 101–121.

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